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Property Management In Baltimore County, MD

  Your success is our priority  

Single Family Homes - Multi Unit - Apartment Complexes

How We'll Help With Your
Baltimore County Property Management Needs

Professional rental services that deliver professional results

Rental Marketing

We list through the Zillow network and the MLS.


Tenant Screening

We prescreen prior to showings to ensure only qualified prospects are looking at your investment. Our comprehensive application process uses technology and other software to confirm employment, income, bank account balances and much more.


Rent Collection

We encourage our tenants to set up auto payments online and also accept certified funds. We report rent to the credit bureaus to motivate on-time payments each month.

maintenance (1).png


Our team coordinates with our locally sourced vendor partners who provide fast and reliable repairs, renovations and turnovers at competitive pricing.



We perform both annual inspections of each unit and prepare a detailed inspection report.



Upon discovering a violation of the lease, we engage in conversation with the tenants to ensure compliance. If cooperation is not gained, we send formal notice to the tenant to resolve the issue or vacate within the requirements of the law. We may also seek an eviction if warranted.


What Sets Pointer Ridge Property Management Apart From the Rest?

A different level of service and systems

We Actually Know Your Name

We are available 24/7, including nights, holidays and weekends! Whether it's scheduling a showing appointment, obtaining information or making a maintenance request, our team is available to assist anytime!

We are Experienced Pro's

Our team has built a large network and partnerships in the local communities to receive updated laws and procedures, usually before they're released to the public. This allows us to stay ahead of the constant changes in landlord-tenant law to better serve our landlords.

Our Systems and Processes

We use Buildium as our property management software along with other software and automations such as a showing coordinator and maintenance service system and so much more. This adds so many benefits to make our services very quick which does not get bogged down in emails so we can serve our landlords and tenants fast and efficiently.


We Love When Our Baltimore County Clients are Happy

Asia Pollock

Love my property management team. They are awesome!

Amarshi Mukherjee

I used to live in a house in Baltimore, MD which was owned by Pointer Ridge Management. They are very nice especially the manager Chris Frank. I was in a trouble during COVID19 outbreak and my job change. That time they helped me to allow a month-to-month lease which I appreciate a lot. They also refunded my security deposit very fast and have always been cooperative.


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   Why Hire The Rental Management Experts  
Pointer Ridge Property Management?   


Let us help you get the most out of your property! Our knowledgeable team will ensure that your investment grows quickly. 




Tenants can easily make timely payments via our efficient systems and procedures. So you can enjoy the benefits of having a consistent cash flow. 

Peace of Mind

 We're here to ensure your property runs smoothly. So you can have a hassle-free property management experience and focus on what's important to you.


More about Our Team and Pointer Ridge Management's Approach

Your Full Service Baltimore Area Property Manager

Our team is committed to your success! We are members of the National Association of Residential Property Managers, Realtors, and licensed contractors. Our team have experience in finance, real estate investing, marketing, and general contracting to name a few highlights. Additionally our staff have graduate and undergraduate education related to business, real estate, marketing and other relevant fields. The culmination of experience and education allows us to provide knowledge-based decisions on best practices to help manage your assets and keep your profitable.

The staff at Pointer Ridge Management consists of local and remote staff and outsourced vendors to augment the staff on an as-needed basis. This keeps overhead low, allowing us to focus on managing your investment and using the right people at the right time.

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